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Every company has an Employer ‘Brand’. BigScreen offers complete personalisation, really giving you the opportunity to promote and build an even stronger and more attractive ‘Employer Brand’ within the candidate community. The most attractive companies will always achieve the highest quality of candidate applications.


Promote everything that enhances your ‘Employer Brand’. By using BigScreen’s personalised Job Pages, you can really showcase your opportunities with the use of rich media, which will ensure that your opportunities really stand out from the crowd.


Everything you do in the ‘digital world’ will have an impact on candidates. Make sure your messaging and job opportunities are attracting the top talent. By promoting and publishing great content within your Job Pages, we help you to attract the best and strongest candidates.

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With the use of rich media like videos, documents, pictures and presentations, BigScreen really showcases your company in the best light. This ensures that you really attract and harvest the best and brightest talent.

Attract the most engaged candidates

At BigScreen, we are experts in harvest strategies. What that means, is that we have already discovered the most effective ways to harvest the highest number of qualified candidates for any company or opportunity. We are happy to share the secrets and technology required with our customers.

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Giving your candidates everything they need anytime, anywhere

Turning applicants into 'fans'

How about Talent Oceans?

Everybody's talking about Talent Pools. Why not be more ambitious?

BigScreen will automatically build a strong, all encompassing candidate base for you which will go above and beyond the concept of a ‘Talent Pool’. With every candidate at your fingertips, you will be able to create smaller, highly focussed Talent ‘pools’ from your larger ‘ocean’ of talent.


Instantly with BigScreen, you are provided with a fully searchable candidate database. Sort your ‘ocean’ of talent into the smaller groups of qualified candidates that you need to identify. Search by location, name, technical qualification, educational background, mobile number, employer, job title, key word, unique tags or whatever you need. In simple terms, you can search for anything you want in your entire candidate database.


Every candidate that applies for any position with your company, automatically becomes a part of your entire talent pool. You will be able to instantly access their details, see every activity that they have participated in and every job opportunity that they have applied for or been interviewed for.


Build candidate ‘hotlists’ the same way that you manage your favourite songs in iTunes or Amazon. Very simply, just create a new hotlist and add candidates to it. This will give you the speedy access that you require to smaller talent pools of highly qualified candidates so that you can instantly match and align them to open opportunities within your company.

Fully integrated Candidate database

Having a visual database will instantly improve your connection with and understanding of the candidates in your database. You can filter in the way that you wish. Search for keywords, skills, expertise, locations, company backgrounds, education levels, language abilities or any other search term that suits you.

When you ‘drill down’ to an individual candidate’s record, you can see everything that they have applied for, been interviewed for, every essential piece of data, every CV that they have uploaded, all of their social and business networks as well as all of the essential contact data.

Everything you need at your fingertips, all the time.

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