Are you getting enough engagement?

Employee Engagement goes way beyond the standard surveys, forms and performance reviews that typically only take place once a year at best. Engagement is the vital secret ingredient that when achieved, radically transforms and improves every single key factor in a company’s success. Engaged Employees are massively productive. They bring about positive change that results in increased revenues, improved productivity and the highest levels of efficiency.

Attaining the highest levels of true Engagement is easily achievable through BigScreen. We have developed the perfect platform for creating, building and nurturing Employee Engagement. You will be able to know everything about how engaged  your employee base is. You will be able to teach, educate, inform and motivate them through BigScreen.  The results that you achieve will escalate, accelerate and super-power your company growth.

Engagement - The business benefits

Having an active Employee Engagement strategy will always produce higher productivity

Most companies are losing a huge amount of productivity through having a disengaged workforce. Absenteeism, employee disputes, high attrition levels and low morale can reduce a company’s efficiency in a crippling way.

Through BigScreen our customers can create, implement and manage a positive and progressive employee engagement strategy that results in increased positivity, optimised productivity, lower employee costs and higher revenues and profits.

Positive change can happen instantly. Engage your talent now and experience the amazing results.

Expect to see increased value, revenue and profits

Reduce Attrition

Companies with high attrition have an ineffective and unproductive workforce which results in lower profit. Giving managers the right tools to develop their staff, and then use these tools to communicate effectively helps to keep the employee base happy and engaged.

By implementing a strong and effective engagement strategy through BigScreen, you will be able to reduce attrition rates to a minimum whilst positively motivating your employees.

Increase Longevity

Improving and increasing longevity will dramatically increase the skill level of your organisation. It is a simple concept to understand, the longer your valuable employees are with you, the higher level of skills attainment they will achieve. The best get better over time. The longer the time, the greater the result.

An effective employee engagement strategy will always result in increased longevity.

Reduce Absenteeism

Around 2% of a company’s productivity is lost through absence levels. Over a third of instances occur on a Monday, with colds and muscular skeletal problems the largest health related contributor to sickness. Fabricated reasons for being sick are among the top concerns for employers, with up to 25% of sick days being taken for non-health reasons.

It is a fact that motivated and engaged employees have considerably lower absentee levels. Leading, appraising and communicating with your employee base through BigScreen will reduce absenteeism.

Increase Attendance

There is a direct and obvious correlation between higher attendance levels and higher productivity. You will find that an ‘engaged’ employee base will always be receptive to increased attendance and more willing to be flexible and generous with their working hours. People will naturally attend less when their morale is low.

By communicating and engaging with your workforce through BigScreen, you can achieve the highest possible attendance levels.

Reduce Inefficiency

In employment terms, inefficiency is impacted by many factors which include absenteeism, low attendance, high attrition, employee churn, employee disputes and lack of productivity. Every single one of these negative aspects can be positively transformed by a sustained and active employee engagement strategy.

Inefficiency will be dramatically reduced. The employee base will be fully engaged and at its most productive level.

Reduce Employee Costs

Employee costs begin to spiral out of control when disputes, negativity and disengagement are at their highest. Clearly by motivating and engaging your employee base, you will be able to reduce and ultimately eliminate these negative aspects and this in turn will lead to a dramatic reduction in employee costs.

Happy people cost less to manage. The savings are likely to be significant and will lead to an increase in overall profitability.

Reduce Churn

There is a direct correlation between the churn rate of employees and the churn rate of customers. In addition, high employee churn will bring with it higher recruitment costs, high training and development costs and temporary reduction in productivity.

Regular engagement with staff will increase both satisfaction and loyalty which will lower churn, lower the cost of doing business and increase customer retention.

Reduce Employee Disputes

Most disputes with employees could and should have been dealt with sooner, but a lack of communication and engagement will mean that issues will not be dealt with until it becomes a big problem.

Employee disputes are disruptive, time consuming, expensive and can have a wide negative impact across a company. Regular appraisals and communication will reduce these instances and will increase morale.

We revolutionise, simplify and automate the Appraisal process

See how easy it can be

Everybody understands that regular appraisals and reviews are essential to understanding the performance, productivity and results of your employees.

What most people don’t appreciate is that this is also the perfect opportunity to gauge, appreciate and most importantly, increase the level of employee engagement.

Our employee appraisal solution provides you with a perfect set of tools and a positive environment to perfect the review process. You can integrate all of your existing appraisal processes with BigScreen seamlessly.

Your people's journey to complete engagement


Employee Passport - their engagement solution

The appraisal and review process has never been simpler, more enjoyable and more engaging. Your team will love the simplicity. You will achieve the deepest level of data, the most honest review feedback and the highest completion levels for your employee engagement initiatives.

The ‘Employee Passport’ application is FREE to all of your employees. It provides all of the review processes, training and company news content directly to their smartphones and tablets. Their ‘Employee Passport’ application is intrinsically linked with and connected to their employee record within your BigScreen platform.

The design, format and feel of the application will achieve the highest levels of satisfaction from your employees. Very simply, the ‘Employee Passport’ matches and exceeds the most popular applications that people love to use.


People are NOT DATA.
Change can only be achieved by HUMAN BEINGS.

Hard digital data is considered to be an essential for every business nowadays but it is not the only one. It is crucial to understand that you manage, motivate and inspire your people at a HUMAN level which is above the admin and data layers.

The BigScreen UTM solution makes this possible. Your people are not the data files that you keep on them. They are not documents. When you engage with them you will be able to bring about change. You will experience positive results instantly and the insight you will gain will be powerful.

Increase your engagement, Share feedback

Recognising and rewarding positive performance, increased achievements and team engagement is vital to promoting the ‘feel good factor’ in your organisation. You should take every opportunity that you can to explain to your line managers  the incredible benefits that can be achieved when they ‘Share Feedback’ with their team members.

In BigScreen, this is easily and instantly achieved. The positive feedback that you decide to share with your teams is instantly available to them as a permanent document. These ‘Shared Feedback’ recognitions will positively and permanently motivate them and drive them towards higher achievements, increased performance and deeper employee engagement.

After all, everybody loves to know that they are valued and doing a great job.

Our Engaged Customers